Reviews for "Arcuz (Full Version)"

What a shame...

This game's kind of fun, but all of it's good qualities fall under the dark shadow of the fact that you guys were either too lazy to learn how to let me have a save file on my own machine or trying to be devious and draw people into registering on your that site. The online save file for the sake of being able to use it on any computer has its logic, but that should have been put in as an extra option or not at all if it meant sacrificing the ability to save on my own machine. This seems like a stupendously foolish mistake on your part, and any game that asks me to put in my facebook password is highly questionable. Could you make a version that lets one save without the hassle of loading a completely different site and filling out forms (and receiving who knows how many emails)? That would be a much wiser move.


you realy should expand the game and sell it as a big game its really good and you could get alot of money of it

great game

this game is absolutely fantastic in every way. oh if u have problems seeing the whole game screen "F11" is your friend.


This is definitely one of my favorite games on newgrounds, u can play this game for hours, get board and then come back a little bit later, for a long and fun game; score:10

great game!

but i have a complain...not about the game, but about newgrounds...

Sometimes when i play a game it seems like its too big for the screen and then i can't see neigher top or botton parts of the screen.
They rly should do soomething about that...