Reviews for "Arcuz (Full Version)"

Basic, but a well executed basic.....

A game that relies on you being able to save for longevitity should seriously make sure the login/save function works.

Decent game, but any bugs like that should be ironed out from the get-go.
Sprites, lag and gameplay were all good, shame about the actual potential to keep playing.


i like this game alot but f*@in sticky keys make this game annoying argggggg . btw if ur walking super slow its because your carrying too much. and i found a rare axe but i used all my points to upgrade all swords..... bull

one thing.

this game rocks, but grinding to lv up is tricky, and sometimes my character moves criplingly slow...
is this a glitch?

i dont understand

how do i save?

what is new

I loved this game when it came out before. so I cant tell what is new?