Reviews for "Arcuz (Full Version)"


i bet u still played it lol


K well no1 is forcing you to pay money to play it, as far as im concerned its a free game. Also, who cares about them taking some sounds? the game is theirs so what if they use saounds from a game that already exists, I rly doubt the creators couldn't care less, s why do u care? this game does no deserve a 0, im sure they worked very hard on this. Tell microsoft if u want i doubt they'll give a shit.

Is that true?

I'm sorry, but if Jinxerz is right u just lost 4 of my stars stars.


The game looks like it might be good, but its malfunctioning. My character wont stop running downwards no matter what I do. kinda makes it hard to play the game >.>
Any suggestions to fix it would be great, I'd love to be able to give this game a shot.
*star rating is simply to try and keep it where its average already is*


this seems like a mix between wow and diablo nice