Reviews for "Arcuz (Full Version)"

Its good

A few things:

I hate losing exp when I die. It is a good penalty for dying however at level 11, I'm having difficulty with how hard the fire slimes are hitting me. these guys are my level which makes it difficult to gather EXP and level up when they are so difficult. So, when I die, and lose 200 exp, I dont feel good.

You can find other ways to penalize the player rather than make them be too afraid of facing off against groups of enemies.

Excellent game overall. I'm finding it difficult to face enemies my own level at 11. That could be me. I have the latest gear for my level. I have a reasonable amount of points in constitution. But maybe I'm doing something incorrect.


Great game i didnt bother playing the demo after i read the reviews but now that this one is out and its the full version i thought it was great the graphics were great like something u find in a psp game or dsi games and if it was 5% or 10% better graphics it could even be a ps3 game or xbox well it have to be bigger have a story line and and more monsters and gear and more towns but great make a part 2 FULL version and maybe if the people moved it be cooler
10/10 5/5


You're absolutely right, i've played Dungeon Seige many times a few years back, and the sound effects are the EXACT same. I mean, the game is still fun and addicting, but at the same time im not sure they have any right to use those sound effects. I'll give it a 5.

Dungeon Seige 3 is said to also come out next year by Square Enix now. Perhaps they gave up the rights for the original sound effects?

still keep coming back.

have been playing this game off and on for 6 mos, and still like it. yea, its a demo (tryin this to see if its a full version) but its still a good time killer! And good luck on your quest Jinxers, I doubt even microsoft has the rights to the sfx. there is a thing called public domain, and unless microsoft recorded it itself (we all know how they are with spending money over making money) its not theirs. Find somthing else to do rather than troll sites that microsoft will never respond to you about.

Well Done

This was a great attention holder! Although I believe the need to continue playing is driven by the want to see something new ahead, the game play was still great. The only reason I did not give this a 10/10 was because this game was incredibly similar to FATE, a game developed by WildTangent, Inc. Otherwise, great work! I haven't finished yet and I'm still enjoying it. If I could give a 9.5/10 I would.