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Reviews for "The Beast Snacks 1"


I want episode 2... Please

tacobuttfish responds:

I swear it's coming, I'm pretty far on the production of it actually.. I'll pm you when it's ready!

-Taco Buttfish

Hahahahah why would people hate this?

This was really well made, ans also it was humorous which i like :D it really reminds me of dragonball z haha nice work, i think this deserves more than a 3.29! for sure.

tacobuttfish responds:

thanks, glad you enjoyed, hope to see you back for episode 2...

-Taco Buttfish.


i didnt even know my song was used O.o
but nice work man :D

tacobuttfish responds:

Thanks! For the music and for checking it out!

-Taco Buttfish.

Nice flash

This is a very good flash. It has quite a big filezise, but the wait is sure worth it.

The story is very funny and even though you jump straight into the action in episode 1 it's still quite easy to follow the storyline. You have found a very good way of advancing the story without annoying the viewer with a too long introduction.

The graphis are very nice most of the time. Sometimes it looks a bit too sketchy (for example in the fight scenes), but I guess that's just the style you want to present this flash in.

The voice acting was done in a nice way. All the voices are very fitting to the characters. But sometimes the voices are too quiet, so I had to turn up the volume.

Later on - when the statue awakens - there are sometimes some static noises when a character speaks, as if the recording was overpowered.
I don't know if this just happens for me, though. I had some issues with my sound system lately.

{ Review Request Club }

tacobuttfish responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it, I really enjoy your reviews as they are informative and help with the production of our next project, hope to see you back!

-Taco Buttfish.


...Thanks for using Minutes to Midnight. Quite a coincidence that I worked on that song as well and that you requested this in the club I'm in, but whatever xD.
The movie itself is very well done, and I don't really have much to say about it. Usually I have a lot to say about a submission, but this one just seems to leave me speechless :P. Nice job on it!
On an unrelated note, man, I just took a look at the low ratings of this, and you're definitely right. I really don't understand why'd they'd give this as low as a 0, 1 or 2. Some people are just asses.

The graphics were a very slight bit low quality at times, although I suppose it's a very small price to pay for keeping the filesize of this submission at a minimum. On the whole the graphics were extremely good, and I really don't understand why people would call this 'the worst thing they've ever seen'. As you said, the graphics in this are absolutely amazing, and it shows you've worked really hard on it. Nice job with the graphics. Animation was good, with a clear anime-style to it. Sometimes the animation was a bit rough, but overall good animation.

The storyline was a bit weird, to be honest. Some parts seemed really awkward, mostly in the fight with the village weakling, and to be honest, at times I lost track of the storyline. I don't think this does does its job as a first episode that well; I would've loved to see more about how they grew up, and why there was a tournament, etc... Still, some jokes were good and made me lol, and while some were cheesy/bland/childish, overall the humour was good and the storyline wasn't too bad either. Good job. Concept is a bit generic, though :P.

I'm in two minds about the audio. A lot of the voice acting seemed either too loud or too quiet, and I think that the songs could be louder at times, mostly in the more epic or climatic parts. On the other hand, the voice acting was very good, even if its volume levels could use work, and the vast amount of music was impressive.

All in all, it shows that you worked really hard on this animation. The length, the graphics, the animation, the large amount of voice acting, the amount of songs you added, etc... they all indicate that this is made by someone who knows their way around Flash and has potential to be a great artist. Just work a bit on the storyline, the volume levels of the audio and maybe smoothening up a bit of the animation, but in general, awesome job!

-Review Request Club-

tacobuttfish responds:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it, and that you noticed the hard work that went into it. Episode 2 is in full production now, and we're going to be super careful with the audio and try to make sure it's adjusted properly, and the animation already looks much smoother! And thanks to you for your work on Minutes to Midnight, it's a great song, and I listen to it a lot while animating. It will be a recurring track in this series! Thanks again for the insightful review and for checking it out, hope to see you back for Episode 2!

-Taco Buttfish.