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Reviews for "The Beast Snacks 1"

Generic anime blah blah DBZ hearts dicks blah bleh

Pokes, named thusly for his habit of poking the taints of his victims after a thorough raping.

Sherbert, obviously a lover of Superman ice cream.

I loved it!

Funny, nice animation and great sound! What I would work on if I were you is more detailed lip syncing and fight sequences. I cant understand why all the low ratings... there are other animations here on ng which are highly over rated and do not compare to this (cant mention any names or this comment might be deleted lol...Kranky...). Don't give up mate, you have great potential

Five for effort

I know that a lot went into this, but consider what I have to say in regard to the rating of '5' which I've given you...

1. It was a weak parody of Dragon Ball and included every overused cliche of the epic-battle-anime genre several times. The thing is, Dragon Ball was much funnier, had way more heart, and came to more of a conclusion by the end of an episode. There is so much potential for comedy here,

2. The animation could use some work. I don't feel like the fight scenes were given enough attention, as though they weren't important because of the fact that this was a parody.

i'm sure you'll find your niche, and this looks like a solid step towards that. I mean, for all the low ratings, it was definitely worth showing to the public. Just try to absorb constructive criticism from everyone, even the assholes, there is some truth in every statement.

Not very good at all...

Since my message will be deleted if I just tell you how much I hated this video I'm going to try to be a little more constructive.

First, no more anime. Unless it's a parody like girlchan, or you're really, REALLY good at it, then try to use an art style that's a little more unique.

Second, dont make it feel like a really low budget anime. I thought it was supposed to just be funny at first...

Just put all of your effort into some better art and a better story and I think you'd have a decent flash.

Animation did look great though.

Reminded me too much of DBZ.

The sound effects, the whole tournament plot with the overused "only the beginning of whats to come. All of it was based upon DBZ which has become an overused style. The art was meh and the voices were annoying to listen to and the humor was a little dry. Try to be more original in your next piece of work.