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Reviews for "The Beast Snacks 1"


You're right, the animation was pretty sweet. The sound was kind of not so good, but the reason I didn't like it was the plot line was so...pointless? I couldn't tell if this was supposed to be funny or serious or what. All it reminded me of was every anime I've ever seen.


you tried there is no denying that but audio was terrible and the animation was so-so the art was half way decent but if you were trying to make this a comedy of some sort you did not achieve that. I found this dry and humor less.


Good animation. Mostly good art (though it was rough in spots) and the story was enough to keep me interested until the end. The audio was horrible. If think if you improve on that it would help your score greatly. I feel like your working on something fairly epic, and I respect you for that. It's a very valiant effort. Don't lose heart, I know I have in the past.

wow..very cool.

okay, the pros. Awesome drawings, and sick animation. really consistent characters, dope creatures. just really good on the actual animation, except for a few perspective tweaks here and there, and a few jumpy run cycles. Cons, cliche as shit, and its a little overambitious for you. there were a few jaw dropping scenes though. i'd like to see you hone your talent a little more directly, and not have so much going on. but please, continue animating. If you really feel that this series is the way to go, do it. but i really agree with others when they say your kinda biting dbz's style. you have great drawings, so id like to see you develop your own style a bit more. all in all, draw more, in and out of flash so you acquire your own methods. great stuff dude.

Good effort.

The artwork was all right, at times the voices were too low, and the sound effects were too high, and I felt the story didn't really "flow".

It was pretty cheesy, which resulted in a few laughs, which is good ... I suppose.

Overall, it wasn't the greatest flash I've seen, but it offered some entertainment. The main thing that I would suggest working on are the audio levels.