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Reviews for "The Beast Snacks 1"

Wow - very good work

A very impressive piece that certainly keeps me coming back for more. There are always going to be issues with pieces of such magnitude, but overall, it is a well polished piece, with good writing, decent voice acting and audio quality. I think that some of the voice acting does get taken away from by poorer quality audio. If you guys tried not to shout into the mics for some of these lines, you'd be better off, though it could mean that you need a better quality mic.

Still, it's left on a very nice cliffhanger, with some woman that we don't know the identity of and I'm sure this will all become apparent soon enough. The two guys being teenagers and ignoring one another over thethings such as the problems with the well mechanism and so forth is pretty insightful about people of that age group and I'm sure that you've been there before to see it first hand, so I won't bore you with further details.

Looking good, I hope to see future episodes soon.

[Review Request Club]

Keep going with this

-When I first saw the file size it made me frown since I knew it would take a bit to load and I thought it would be a short animation that wasn't compressed properly. But after watching I had a completely different opinion on this area. I'm not exactly sure how long this animation was but it was pretty long and with the amount of audio used there had to of been some compression to begin with to get it to the size that it is currently at.

-The loading screen isn't the worst it could be(loader with plain background) but it isn't all that great either. It's just a still with the two main characters. This could of had some sort of information on the characters or some nice links to some of your other works(hint for sequel). Just have something to make the load time go by just a little faster. I most assuredly don't expect any future works in this series to be of any lower quality so there will be time for loading on those too.

-The main story looks pretty well thought out since there were some solid character designs and you at least took the time to tell us some of the backstory before the title screen came up. It's just a little backdrop and there are a few things that are left out(why they don't have parents) but it's the thought and effort that count(better than going in blind). As I was watching I noticed some familiar things in the scenery which you are most likely drawing from dragonball or something similar. I'm mainly saying this because of the fact that you had a tournament with a rather similar layout with people talking on the sideline. The fighting mechanics were also extremely overexaggerated with people flying all over the place which should mean that they have extraordinary strength and that should prove useful in fighting that beast.

-The drawing is solid and again the notice to fine details is great. There was obvious time taken into account for drawing each respective character and the town itself. I really liked how you made the town float in the middle of the sky and have a plot element involving water which shouldn't even be there to begin with unless there is some divine power holding it there. Sometimes when the characters would talk their whole body would move even though it really didn't need to which is some more of the overexaggeration that is involved in this animation.

-There is audio abound here with a ton of great works that you pulled from the newgrounds audio portal. I much prefer when people use work from there since there is always something for everything there and a lot of it is really high quality. You incorporated them nicely into your animation here and they really helped it in some places. Voice acting isn't the best but it does do wonders to have very distinct voices for each character. This makes me think that you had several different people voice acting or just one talented person.

-Overall it's a great start to a series that has some potential. This really doesn't get the praise that it deserves. While it might not be the best ever or anything amazing it is really good and a lot better than most people can ever get to in animating. Here's to hoping that you continue to improve and get the next installment in the series out soon so we don't have to wait too long.

-Review Request Club

tacobuttfish responds:

Thanks! Very very helpful review! I'm glad you enjoyed and yes, episode 2 will improve on all the aspects lacking in this episode. Or should I say, I will take everything I learned from this episode and carry on with what I've learned and put it to use. Episode 2 will likely be about half as long as this episode and shouldn't take too very long to have ready for launch. Hope to see you back!

-Taco Buttfish.

meh ok

it wasnt the best it could of been but its was good (giant moose?)

I dunno

I thought it was funny somewhat original

Nice job!

Lengthy. Animation is pretty good. Could use a few more voice actors, maybe Egoraptor ;). Otherwise, great job. It is quirky and amusing