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Reviews for "The Beast Snacks 1"

actually, i dig it!

this was some pretty sweet FxF animation, and i think you guys did a good job! It was really funny for a stereotypical shounen anime. but...
There were some parts where I couldn't tell if you were trying to parody other animes or if you were really serious, but I still lol'd.
Of course, there are always things which need improvement. In my opinion, you should have just made Sherbert a girl, b/c the voice actress didn't make her voice masculine enough to sound like a strong guy's; it just kinda detracted from the overall effect. That, and the sound would peak when the character's yelled, which hurt. a lot.
(btw, totally loved how Pokes' hair was Kuwabara style [yu yu hakusho], oh, and a lot of it was definitely DBZ reminiscent. which is always cool.)

Could've been a little more streamlined

I read the reviews before I watched it, and I don't think it's as bad as everyone's making it.

Although crudely said, they do have a point that the animation and voices could be better. Not saying I don't like the style, just that it seemed a little awkward. The fact that you hand-drew it is actually amazing seeing as you took the time to make all those drawings. And not to complain, but I would've liked to see a more detailed introduction to the story.

It's obvious you two put a lot of effort into this and it shows! The bottom line here is that next time you should take a little more time to make sure everything flows smoothly. Nice job

Not the most terrible thing I've seen

Story wise it also seem a little rushed and quick. As someone said before, it seems like things are just happening. Whether you're going for parody or not, you need to make the story a little more fluid. I wasn't really that into it, but then again, nonstop action isn't really my thing. I have no idea if you're trying to go for an anime parody or not. If you are, then your dialogue is fine. If you aren't, might want to work on that. The art in some places was really good, as well with the animation. Other times... eh, not the best, but nothing that can't be fixed with practice.

Overall, I can see the effort you put into this, and the fact that you're self-taught really means something. because I've been "self-teaching" myself for years and haven't figured a thing out in Flash. Anyways, everything I've critqued, really, are just things that grow with the passage of time. I'm sure as you keep making these, things will get better.


lets see here

you went from bad, to better, to bad again. this was probably the most generic anime ripoff ive ever seen here. the animation was bad and it was obvious you paid no attention to perspective, the art was worse as i had just mentioned, voice-acting was the most forced thing on the planet, and dont get me started on the story.

next time if you make a flash, be more original. oh and the only part i laughed at was when they "screamed" while running towards eachother. just because it was so forced.

pretty much, fuck anime.

This is constructive critisim

Its not funny. I see certian parts are not supposed to be funny, but the jokes that are there are either horrible horrible excuses for jokes or just inapropriate to the situation at hand. The animation tries to barrow from anime stylings while tring to keep true to seemingly american cartooning roots, but lacks the skill to keep up with both, But the art is forgivable AT TIMES. The voice acting was pittiful... i can't say anything else without raging on the actors or their mothers but given some experiance it could potentialy recover from these flaws. Sadly the over all presintation is poor, but work hard on the jokes, make sure there funny and appropriate to the scene, and the voice acting, record over and over and over again voice perfection to a scene can make or brake the whole thing.