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Reviews for "The Beast Snacks 1"

awesome man

really good work i don't get the other people who don't like it
it's like awesome and awesome and nice and ....
really good job looking forward to part 2

Feels like original DragonBallZ back in the day...

Except most of it is like lolwut... and doesn't really grab the viewer as much.... animation is alittle akward... dont know what else you're doing wrong... but you're doing something wrong.

look like a slow lego movie

from animation to voice acting its all ok. You should add more frames, make the movement look fluid. The camera angel seem waaay too 2D, even when you try to use angel it still look 2D. The plot and story just don't flow. It is like watching something randomly put together. Stuff just happens.

Unique Animation, Un-unique and Painful Audio

What a strange animation. You had a really interesting way of animating people talking, like that their heads move, but not their jaws. Kinda exactly opposite of reality, but realism isn't your focus here, i presume. So i give you a 10 out of 10 for original style, art, and the backgrounds were beautiful, like a Miyazaki film. Though you loose major points on the audio.

There were so many inconsistencies with the relative volumes and the mixing of the music and voice overs. One minute people are charging each other to battle one another in an epic showdown of skill and strength and their battle cries are wimpy and quiet, yet when they go to throw a punch, i practically puncture my eardrums with the sound effects. Then the opposite happens, someone yells and you can hear the audio file clipping majorly (the distortion you hear caused by the amplitude being restricted by the bit depth). Keep a consistent volume level (normalizing) and reduce clipping and you will have improved your cartoon ten fold.

You seem to pride yourself on your art development, and i really respect you for your growth and maturation as an artist, and that should be what you should focus on. Music, voice over mixing, spacial placement, folly sound, and audio mastering is a whole other art form and requires as much time and effort to succeed at as drawing. So i would suggest leave the tedious busy work of mixing to people who excel at it, and stick to making your art even better than it is now.

Fantastic animation. I can't wait to see more things from you.
4/5, 8/10 for the inconsistent and often frustrating audio.

Is this a stealth parody or just a newborn epic?

I honestly can't tell. O-o The artwork looks good and the voice acting is above average, much better than the last series I watched on NG. Animation could be improved but it wasn't too bad either. The musical soundtrack was also impressive. In fact, everything apart from things like script, plot and characters was pretty darn good, but it's those writey bits where the movie falters. You may have heard this from other reviewers already, but it reminds me of Girlchan in Paradise, as it seems to be filled with cliches strung together for the sake of parody, if a somewhat more subdued type than that series. But it doesn't quite seem composed the right way to be a parody, a subtle one or an overt one. If it is, then it's not bad, it wasn't laugh-out-loud funny but it was sort of entertaining watching anime stereotypes bump fists and lasers for a while, though it should be a little clearer that you're making fun of the elements you're using. But if this was meant to be a serious movie in its own right, then pacing, characterization, and a more well-composed plot would go miles in helping this flash achive a higher quality and status. I used the word "cliches," but the elements and features you've used in creating this aren't themselves bad, they just seem a little slapdash the way they're put together now. I'm really unsure how to view and score this submission, so I'm just giving a somewhat arbitrary 7/10 average score, and my personal thoughts having just watched it. Keep working on it and striving to improve - whichever direction you're taking this, there's clear potential for it. If you care to, please send me a reply to my commentary, as I'm genuinely curious to know what this is all about and to hear your reponse.