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Reviews for "The Beast Snacks 1"

its pretty ok

if i was 13 i probably would like it more but it wasnt terrible (or stolen?!?!) but you animated it yourself so i give props to that, good job

What the Hell?

What's with all the trolling? This was decent. It's well animated, perhaps not perfectly drawn, but dammit who the hell draws that well on Newgrounds and is able to animate it like this!? Are all of you stupid?!?! I bet almost all of you can't do anything like this.

If you're going to troll, go do it elsewhere. This is Newgrounds, not (number)chan.

As for the animator of this, this was great. Sure, you could definitely use a lot of improvements, but honestly it didn't suck. There's a big difference between, "This SUCKS!" and "This SUCKS! You need to improve this, this, this, and this." Those who end it at "This SUCKS!" are trolling, and those who actually give you critique are being honest. So listen to those who give critique, not to the ones who just intend to troll you.

Keep up the good work, improve your art (just the proportions are off), and please come out with episode 2 as soon as possible. I really can't wait.

tacobuttfish responds:

Cool, and thanks, yeah, definitely will be releasing Episode 2 when it's finished. I honestly just expect to get trolled and watch as Sonic XTG gets applauded as the best thing since sliced bread. Some people just can't handle anything that's not a parody I guess. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I did learn from many of the criticism, and to be honest, it's the constructive criticism that keeps me on newgrounds, it's how I improve and learn. We'll see you back for Episode 2


I don't know if you made this seriosly or a parody but jeezus christ its awesome, and don't worry about the rest of newgrounds alot of them are weeaboos

Not really sure.

I'm giving you a 5 because I can't decide what this is. If this is a joke anime parody like "Girlchan in Paradise," it's very effective and very spot on, and it deserves a high rating. If this is a serious attempt at a series and is in no way meant to be a parody, it deserves a low rating, because it's kind of crap. Unfortunately I can't really be certain whether it was a spoof or an honest attempt, so I'm meeting in the middle and saying 5.

Granted, while most of the art (namely anatomy) was shit, there were quite a few scenes that were pretty nicely done, and I say serious congrats on those.

I respect you

for making your imagination into something tangable, but the character artwork was pretty bad. Especially towards the end. It was super long, and the whole time I wanted it to be over. Although there is a lot to critisize, you still did something I can't do... finish a project. You did a nice job and hope you improve your skills in the future and make more.