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Reviews for "The Beast Snacks 1"

i don't see why this is babd

you did a good job it look better then most the crap n her your art good to and it kinda amsaing why peole say its bad i think there just hating on you bc they can't draw stuff or do stuff like you man and I CAN'T WAIT FOR the next one man you did a GREAT JOB in my eyes let the people that talk crap cry bc they can't do what you can do man KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MAN!

That was really quite good.

Sure the art looked different, but all the things you did in one flash was quite a feat.

Lots of different camera angles and movements that I haven't seen in many flashes these days. Excellent job!

Only Critique I have is sometimes the spoken audio can shatter my ear drums. But I'm poor and I have a shitty mic, so I can't really hold that against you :D

Nice and all but, just no. Sorry!

I'm rating a 5/10 cause you at least tried, unlike everyone (including myself) at making something.. but I must say, this really wasn't that great. It seems kinda rushed and not smoothly made.

5 for trying, but nothing more, sorry dude.

Dragon Ball Copy cat

I must admit some of it was funny, like in the tournament, when the old guy says "Now beat the shit out of each other". But I mean what the hell? was that a giant deamon moose? Also the whole tournament and such its just a Dragon Ball Copy cat.........sry :(

What is wrong with the rest of you?!

This is amazing, I can't believe all of the negativity. This is by far my favorite flash animation on this website, if not on the entire internet. This has changed my life. Far beyond epic.