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Reviews for "The Beast Snacks 1"


DBZ sucked does no one learn the lesons of people fails

I liked it...

Its good, i mean not the best flash ive seen, But i can tell your probably gonna make another so hope its better, maybe an extra point worth...

I understand...

what it feels like to finally finish something that took so much time and effort but to be honest the art style didn't really appeal to me, and the story line was kinda clipets of cliches from well known animes, and the voice acting was a bit sub par in my opinion. I'm sure you'll continue to grow and become better and better but at this point I can't in good conscience give you a score higher than a 2/5 and that's mostly based on your future potential not necessarily your skill now, it's there just keep digging for it, keep it up

iiiiii dont geeeet it

lmao, i couldnt help but think of girlchan the entire time, which wasnt long because there is no way i could finish this

Dude...I can't really give this a good score...

It's just...It's pretty much a generic anime storyline, and how did it go from a martial arts tournament to some water god water collecting, to some minotaurish thing wanting beast snacks?
It doesn't make sense and in my opinion the artwork wasn't very good, and it didn't run very smoothly.
I have no idea why this was put on the front page, it's just going to get the attention of trolls and more serious critics...I'm being nice giving you a 4...Many others might not be as nice...My final decision is 4 stars and a vote of 1...