Reviews for "RetroShoot360"

the first was WAY better

you probably dont remember me but i even gave you some tips to do a better retroshoot, and now you appear with this, you just disappointed me

Its quite blatant

Its just Geometry Wars, sure you may have EXPANDED on your series, bu in doing so you turn you game into a pure clone of Geo Wars. Even the ship looks just like it. Your stealing someones perfectly good Idea and exploiting it without even crediting the creators. 4 stars for the good effort though, even if it is a Ripoff.

ok it a little better then they sayed...

it accually a little better then some of the reviews had said it was. plus even if it was jaust a copy from the xbox it doesnt matter cause some of us either cant afford one or just would rather paly it on the computer!!!! man these people dont really think!

Shameless goddamn ripoff.

Title says most of this, this is a massive Geometry Wars clone. Jesus Christ, it even has '360' in the name.

JGOware responds:

It's named 360 because the original retroshoot only moved vertically, while this version can move 360 degrees.


yeah, i downloaded geometry wars to my computer too, but i didnt think of uploading it to newgrounds lol

JGOware responds:

If when you have time I would research "RetroBlast", "RetroShoot", "RetroShoot360". Thanks.