Reviews for "RetroShoot360"

Aweful gameplay speed

Even with everything off and the effects on low, this game ran horribly. There were sudden jumps in speed between the almost constant drunk turtle speed and suddenly moderate speed for two seconds... then back to drunk turtle. Fix it up and it might be a good game.

Yeah it's hard but...

I was having a lot of fun until the three green orbs boss. Even then I had almost one down, but their 360 fire was too much imo. Honestly, that's my only beef, I didn't mind any other aspect of the difficulty. That boss just had minuscule areas in between the shots and the mouse=aim plus move thing was too tricky. All other nay sayers, it wasn't THAT hard. I mean it was hard but just that boss ticked me off. :D

some pointers:

For a mouse controlled game, the ship needs to be a lot faster. It lolls around at the turns, which makes the game more difficult not for the skill needed, but because of the poor control you have over the ship. The weapons are fine, but the upgrade system needs work, such as losing all of your work after one hit. It makes the player feel as if the game is just flipping them off, and that you don't care whether anyone plays it or not. Remember that you want your game to be difficult, but enjoyable at the same time.

I give it a C+, or a 5.

JGOware responds:

Hi! Thanks for playing the game. You don't lose all of your weapon strength after 1 hit. You only lose 1 level. I made the game hard, but judging by recent scores there seems to be a growing number of players who are sticking it out.

To others: Thanks for playing the game! I very much appreciate all the feedback. Clearly everyone wants an easier to play game, I will deliver that at a later date. :)

Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming! ;)


Losing your weapons every time you get touched just destroys the game, add to the fact that you have to collect your points to upgrade them, while dodging insane numbers of enemies, just makes it seem a little stupid. You dont have time to collect your points especially since you will just get hit trying to grab them anyway. Just receive points from kills, and progressive weaponry upgrades as lvls get harder.

Geometry Wars?

It's still good. But its could be better it deserves a B+