Reviews for "RetroShoot360"

Geometry Wars?

You've got to be kidding me!
Sure, this game looks a lot like Geometry Wars, but that is far from what it is.
This is no copy, thi is the real thing.
This game kicks ass.

JGOware responds:

Thanks man, I appreciate the comments. ;)


Is a copy of 'GEOMETRY WARS'...

But is a good copy of 'GEOMETRY WARS' !!!



man.. why do you make a good game and then cripple it?

losing power-ups on death is the single most pointless "feature" that shoot-em-ups still incorporate faithfully, game after game, decades after the original consoles have disappeared. How hard is it to see that it has no value other than annoying?

I reached a boss, I had triple the base firepower and a bunch of bombs.. The boss was hard, so I died even after I used all my bombs. So now you give me a second "chance", where I don't have any bombs and only baseline firepower.. oh, and to top it all, the bad guys are back to full health.. really? No, sorry - I am not interested in trying again like that - I am more likely to leave. It's a shame, this could have been a nice game.

JGOware responds:

Seems like peeps just want to complete the game now days and move on to the next. I realize this now and will address this in the update. ;) Thanks for the reivew.

not that good

bad copy of geometry wars

Nice game, bad controls

This game is great and a nice tribute to geometry wars. not a rip off, but a tribute. Some people fail to realize that not all games are rip offs (points to moron below)

The only big problem in this game is the controls. I like having the mouse aim, and I atually prefer that, but holding the mouse to use the bombs makes for a few accidental bombings. On top of that, the weapons need hotkeys. I hate having to go through all the weapons to get to the one that's most suited for a certain enemy.
While the game is good, the controls really let it down.
Sorry, but I have to give this a 7because of the controls.