Reviews for "RetroShoot360"

Unfair penalties.

I'm at a late stage of the game where the enemies are hard to kill even with the weapons maxed out. so when I die and start over with the worst possible weapon, It's game over. get rid of rolling back your weapon levels on death. else you might as well just have one life.


I have the same problem with this version of RetroShoot as I did with the previous versions. The game is fun until you die once. Then it just becomes unfair.
I'm at a stage where the enemies are BARELY going down at a decent rate, I screw up, and I'm down to the weakest possible weapon available. There goes the remainder of my lives, I cannot win.
"Extra lives" traditionally mean extra chances, might as well make it one-touch-one-kill.


a health bar or something would be nice, gettin touched and die is hard lol.

Just ok... Id still rather geometry wars

I had to stop after 10 minutes, the two most frustrating things for me:
==the flying in the direction of the mouse... if played this way the starter weapon should shoot backwards so your not flyin right into enemies to shoot them.
== and the losing powerups too easily. once you get in a couple waves where it takes 10 hits to kill one enemy, losing powerups cus u get touched loses the game for you unless you have the patience to shoot through all the health... i didnt

suggestions: as everyone else is sayin, WASD movement, ability to gather weapon powerups in bubbles instead of getting powerups by score to make powerups more accessible if they are so easy to lose. Or what solofdeath said.

Not that good

I say this because the controls are awkward, as SupremeManaDragon said, "Perhaps making movement keyboard controlled and aiming mouse controlled."