Reviews for "RetroShoot360"

Re-think your design choices

First off: A good game. Not a great game, not a bad game, but good. It was okay.

The control thing may want to be re-thought, moving where you are shooting may be new and under used, that doesn't make it good though.

If you do want to use the shoot-where-you-move mechanic, make the rest of the game fit it. Don't have enemies that home in on you, you'll wind up penning in the player. Always leave a way out. Powerups may want to appear more often.

That aside though, nicely done. Looked good, sounded good.

Addicting but Copied

I'm sorry but this is just too much of a carbon copy of Neon Wars. I admit that this genre of game isn't as vast as others but come on, at least make it a little different from Neon Wars.

What the

So you basicaly stole geometry wars? and that games is on the 360... and the DS.. oh and hey, also in the PC, so why do i need a crappy flash version!?

1. make it so you have to press a button to fire. I aim at a target, and seeing as i also move where i aim, i run into shit real quick when i have bad weapons
2. make it less crappy. If your going to steal a game, dont make it WORSE.
3. make the starting enemies a tad smaller, because seeing as i move at them when i aim at them, its hard to maneuver too well

flawed controls

keys or more powerups...i dunno...somethin different...doesnt feel controlled

great concept

i love the controls but some of the enemies are way too hard and it sucks how you lose your upgrade when you are it and also there are too many enemies, I couldn't get past level 4. And there is one glitch I found if you press space while playing the screen will get smaller. The only reason you don't get a 10 is because it is to hard.