Reviews for "RetroShoot360"

This game was copied!

It is exactly like Geometry Wars for DS, and is a little different. this is a rip off. like the one bottom of me.


So, you know how to rip off geometry wars, add in decent music but you fail at understanding non rage inducing gameplay elements.

Having your ship revert back to completely powerless if you get struck out is absolutely arbitrary game lengthening bullshit.

Basically once you hit the higher levels with more HP if you get struck out once you have to either use your bombs to pass or lose all 3 lives then come back with a full stock of bombs to get past the level in any *reasonable* amount of time.

Level 12 I killed myself on purpose just to get my bombs back to kill them, once again this is not some chinese ricefest, stop lengthening the game with bullshit mechanics that aren't fun or interesting.

Maybe next time you'll come up with something original and fun.

JGOware responds:

Sorry the game is too hard for you, thanks for playing though, I appreciate it. I am seriously considering making the game alot easier. As far as lengthing the game, the boss levels are the only ones that are really long, other levels take 30-60 seconds to complete.

an ok game

good graphics
good gameplay
hard to kill lots of thing at one time besides bombs
could use an easier control system

I am disappoint.

While the game itself is good, the gameplay is... retarded.

The trainer is lame. It doesn't tell you what the powerups are or what they do, how to change weapons, or when your weapon upgrades.

Some waves are easy, but then some are ridiculously stupid. There's like wave 7? (I think) where these butterflies come out, and they take forever to kill. Then wave 12, where the bubbles have HUGE amounts of health.

The worst part of this game is aiming and moving with the mouse. It's very awkward to aim your ship to shoot at something when it's nearby without actually running into it.

I can stand losing your weapon upgrade when you get hit, and I can stand restarting a level after losing a life. I just can't stand having a pea shooter against a tank. That's not a challenge, that's a terrible grind.

JGOware responds:

Thanks for giving it a play, I appreciate it. The trainer is there to experiment with. It's there for you to discover things on your own. And it does clearly state how to change weapons and place bombs. (Press the button to change weapons, hold the button down to release a bomb, that's it.)

I'll probably update the game in the future to make it easier to play, or perhaps add a beginner shooter mode, but for now it's cool to see the higer scores starting to roll in. ;)

Meh, nice but i didnt like it.

Not really original, and nothing really new in that game, even if its well done and works well. No a trace of lag to be found too.

There is fun to be had..

.. but it require to play perfectly at all times; if you are hit you lose a power level (and a HP), hit one or two extra time you die.. and get to try to beat the same wave level again with a weak basic gun.. and one extra bomb.
At this point, grinding away the HP of a boss is too long, boring and not fun at all..

Too much screen noise (explosions and stuff everywhere, even when i remove what i can) the game is hard to "read" and its confusing. The graphics and effect may be nice and pretty, but right now, imho, there is a bit too much.

We have many guns.. but only one or two are really usefull, the rest is redundant and uninteresting. Maybe make some of them have different "bullet behavior".