Reviews for "RetroShoot360"


Cheap rip off of Geometry Wars from the Xbox Live Arcade. Try not stealing other peoples ideas for games that already exist JGOware. Not to mention, level 6 is a tad difficult for a early level.

Meh...geometry wars with a new feature

I mean your ship is like a carbon copy of the ship from geometry wars, the only thing that is really different is the control style, and the addition to new weapons, otherwise it essentially is just a clone of geometry wars, it wasn't terrible, but it is lacking originality...Nothing to captivating or new. I really disliked the mouse controls personally, the screen in which you played is entirely too small, Zoom out the view a bit and you are making progress, If you can keep adding features to this, and perfect the controls i'd probably give a sequel a better score, but as this game is, it really seems to miss the target for me. But like i sad keep working on making this different from Geometry wars and you might have something...

geometry wars

just like it except its on the computer i love how you have power ups and stuff GJ

pretty fun.

liked it, but there is room for improvement. like others have said, the "moving where you are shooting" pins you down, and power-ups are too few and far between. it might just be me, but i felt like cursor, or ship or w/e, sped up and slowed down at awkward times. sure, it could be helpful, but i often found i wasnt going fast enough to get out of a pinned position.

i liked the art, the variety of enemies (aside from wave 12...wtf? i found no strategy to win that wave), and the music worked well with the premise. lets just tone down on the difficulty in areas where the weapons make you feel like you're just throwing dead leaves at your foes.

Get your own game.

Sorry come up with your own game why don't you.....you could have done something a little different ,but you chose not too.