Reviews for "RetroShoot360"


It must piss you off seeing how the previous one had a great score and this one's being bashed.

JGOware responds:

ha..not really to be honest. I've had a ton of email from peeps who love the game. The only thing I've learned is to keep the casual players in mind next time. The comparison to GW is strange though, there's another game on NG that is a near exact clone of GW and no one based that at all. Oh well..... thanks for the rating. ;)

could be better

upgrades were horrible, did not match increase in difficulty, plus you lost them every time you died. The only thing that got you from one wave to the next was the bombs. Controls were horrible, for that kind of difficulty.


Meh the first one was better... the music was good but I hate the fact that the old one had better game play

Good graphics, but uninspired game play

This was a really good looking game as flash games go, hence why you get a 5/10, but other than that I couldn't help but have flash backs to geometry wars. The main problem with that was that the ship, the bullets and all the geometric enemies all looked nearly identical to the ones in geometry wars, the gun functioned the same, the only difference being that you can't aim it here, other than straight a head and the other weapons. honestly this would be like making a platformer where you play as an Italian plumber, and happen to like mushrooms, but it isn't Mario.

Good game

To all you who are saying this is a ripoff, have you ever played Geometry wars at all?!?! This is nothing like it! Plus, saying this is a ripoff is like saying every platformer made is a ripoff of Mario! Anyways, onto the game... Is there really only 4 weapon levels? I think there should be more. Also, when things start getting hectic, you cant see projectiles, and that gets really annoying. I think you should be able to shoot projectiles down, or at least have them die when inside a bomb blast. Other than that, I say it's a pretty solid game.