Reviews for "RetroShoot360"



wow just awful

wow thiis is boring the first level was all i had to play and wh7y did you copy geometry wars and you didnt even copy it good

JGOware responds:

well..thanks for the playing the 1st level. I guess that's a good way to judge the entire game. ;)

Bad controls

Very good, great graphics, bug-free, clearly inspired by geometry wars and it would be the best flash remake of this game if only the controls were different. Take the same as geometry wars, move with arrow keys or wasd and aim with mouse. Would be much better that way.

die = lose

i think the game itself is pretty cool, just one thing bothers me; if you die once, you lose quite highly ...

why do you have to lose all your upgrades when you die? it gets so boring, trying to destroy any wave with your basic weapon ... the checkpoint system is totally pointless as you are starting without any upgrades ... which basically means its better to start from lv1 everytime ...

Geometry Wars flash!

If you don't feel like buying geometry wars, this game is a good replacement.