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Reviews for "Hey Wizard 2"

good but dissapointing

THe first game was really good and amazing but this one didnt seem as good. the spells where twice as powerfull starting ot and required much less skill than the first game. I liked that there was a more defined storyline to this one though. people like astgall just suck at games and make me laugh roucously inside my head at how much they suck

er this sucks


Lighten speed

Great game. I found it fun to play, a bit addictive, and interesting. I never really used the fire only lighten witch is faster in my opinion. it is a bit easy cause all you need is lighten to play the game, and fire seems useless. The summon spell is fun and would be funner if they followed you. I agree it does seem repetitive, and the little birds are hell so i give this game a 8/10

good but...

only two problems
1.completeing having to complete the same tasks for every level made it seem repetitive and long
2. since the flame technique was the basicly only way to move you couldn't upgrade it

Good game

But i cannot figure out how to use this recipes - they just don't work.