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Reviews for "Hey Wizard 2"

A jump key would make it best

Trying to fly with spells seems to overload flash too often even on low quality :(

Its a good game but being able to use spells without them throwing you backwards would be nice too.

not fun

1. No jump button? That's unusual
2. You can get sucked in the level. too bad
3.Not fun..

I can say

i can say sebine can kill himself and this game is rly great but i would like to be able to do all quests at once and i loove the summoning system and try to add more elements pls =) more spells more action XD etc u could get like fire ice wind light dark thunder and the death stone tht would replace the summoning one in name
and u could also add a curse stone it would be cool =)

Awesome 9/5

More customization of spells would be good and maybe different bad guys. Also it would be nice if you could click the compass to change quests, but I don't think you should be able to do them all at once. I DON'T think you should add a jump button. Not being able to hit the jump button and having the spells knock you back are two of the unique qualities about the game. I guess the only thing I would say is make the next one bigger stronger and faster!!!

I expected..

.. more. Its still a good game, and I love just zooming around with the fire spell, but the levels were all very similar, and with no real way to choose which order to do the objectives in other than by luck. Being able to choose which mission to do before entering the level, or even better, being able to choose while in the level, would have been nice. A variety of objectives beyond those four Is a must if there is ever a third installment, and maybe a little more customization with the spells, like stacking the same card for a bigger effect?