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Reviews for "Hey Wizard 2"


I always liked the first one but this one is way better.Keep up the good work.

High life

I wanted to love this game. The design is fruity and pleasant, the concept of spell magic is always entertaining and the maps are big. But gosh, the controls are awful. Using a fire or whatever spell to go up is a terrible idea for two reasons :

It's extremely painful to move around the level. It's hard to jet the wizard in the right place and it's absolutely not natural and realistic. It's anything but fun to travel across the maps because you just can't jump ! Even the smallest relief needs to be jumped over with a spell. I understand it's useful to fly long distances, but for reason's sake, just make him jump a bit. When it comes to dodge the ennemies' fire, you have to propulse yourself in the air by aiming down with your mouse. How sensical is that ? Instead of merely jumping. Dude.

And also, when you fire at a fiend, you go backwards ! You can't use the fire spell right. Of course there are others, but at the beginning of the game, it's a real pain. Charging the bolt takes too long and is totally ineffective, and the other spells are lame at the beginning. You'd need at least one good power at the start of a game. Here it wasn't really shrewd to put these spells.

I know what you think "Man, it's just a fucking jump why are you bitching about this and giving such a bad score", well it's also tickling you screwed up on such a basic level as jumping. When changing the very basis of jumping works well in a game, it's because the game is all based upon this peculiar way to jump. Here you make it sound like normal, but it ruins what could have been a marvelous game.

Great game.

Jump would be a very nice addition. Also there is a glitch, if you happen so to accidentally press the space button at the end of the tutorial level and try to bring it back, the screen goes blank. I don't know if it is only with me or what, or the possibility of it only happening on the tutorial level who knows.

Rock on

Great game, awesome flying methods, and decent music/atmosphere. The one problem i got was with the way it treats RAM. I've got a computer that can run the latest games with the latest graphics, but after 5 minutes in this game it starts to slow down. I think its not getting rid of what its already done with in ram or something... since it just keeps slowing down the more and more i play. (fully updated flash too). The other improvement i can think of is to make it so the zoom out feature works in a wide area around the boss area, not just around where the boss is. It was really throwing off my flight when i got near boss area's and the screan would dance in and out mid flight.


didnt keep my attention and when i saw it on the new games list i thought oh my god a sequel i absolutely loved the first one, necro hand loads of levels freeraom-ish start/map but this one lost the magic, the spells arent as good as in the first and they push you too much but hell you made this and im not really one to criticise as i couldnt make this so yeah hey wizard 3 if you are going to make it more like the first