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Reviews for "Hey Wizard 2"

ok but some majr gameplay flaws...

First, It really seems like the fire move where you can fly is the primary means of transportation... It is a good concept but you did not give us enough mana. It really slows down the game because my little wizard is too lazy just to jump or actually fly when I have to regen my mana. Secondly, I tried using the lightning bolt technique to move, it worked OK but when an enemy was near i could not steer and nuke it at the same time. Finally the hat idea was good except one thing....when I am working on gaining altititude and some random tiny bird hits me and I have to chase my hat ALL the way down to the base level is really frustrating. THe game was good overall but was hard to the point where I felt like I was just wasting time (playing a game to waste time...) hope that all made sense. This game could be fun if it was more user friendly with spells that that are actually useful and have some utility. I did not play this game very long so I did not see the later levels.

Good game

Really good game. But it was a bit hard when I wanted all the last imbaspells (for fun) on the spells. But I needed fire to jump and fly and shield to protect myself :S And it was pretty hard to steer with the fire too. Other than that it was a really good game. Keep it up ^^

wow, impressive

I definately enjoyed this game, the mechanics were solid and fun, and some of the spells were very interesting. My only beef is that you had a list of what all the spell combos did. Don't do that, let us experiment and try it ourselves.
Other than that, thanks, this game is alot of fun.

the first wa better

great game overall, but the first was better

I like this

Original concept, great animation, and a decent challenge. I couldn't get too far into the game because I have a laptop and mouse controls are a bastard on my pad. BUT I can't knock your game because I have shit equipment.