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Reviews for "Hey Wizard 2"

overall... it was good

love the origonal concept and how you can combine the cards, an improvement would be letting players discover new combinations instead of giving us everything, also, even though i have a pretty good computer it was too laggy, even on low graphics and you really need to add a map.

Good Overall

Great gameplay and goooood physics! Love the handling of that lil' old bastard lol.. Agreeing with Texanego on the mute button.. the music's cool.. but I play this game continuously lol.. very addicting.. and I would like to listen to other music.. and yes.. It does sometimes lag for me on a Dell XPS 410 upgraded.. so it is a lil bit of a piggy when it comes to CPU.. OVERALL 9 STARS VERY WELL AND A 5 ON VOTE!

Great game

Like the form you can jump and fly arround the map ;)


it takes a while to get used to controls but then u can have really fun times with this game


This is really cool ^_^