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Reviews for "Hey Wizard 2"

lack of jump sucks

I hated the 1st game for the lack of jump too, so I wont't like this either. The lightning and flame spells are very hard to control, they make me fly around like a madman, I get anywhere but my goal! (Maybe with enough practice it's not so hard to manouver around, but who wants to spend hours with just learning to play a fucking casual game?!! I certainly not!)
Also here is that stupid thing with the hat, that if I get hit it flys off, and I have to get it or else the nxt hit is deadly. That's ridiculus, it makes the player go back all the time, and since in this game it's so hard to go upwards, when the hat flies somewher down (most cases) it's specially frustrateing.
This game doesn't worth to play at all.

Level 2

I've only reached level 2 but I can already tell this game is getting me hooked.
Nice idea with the monotone red for a unique touch. I do hope there will be more spells to learn further into the game :)
Go mojo!

pretty nice

finally a sequel to this awesome game =D