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Reviews for "Hey Wizard 2"

Very good!

I get stuck in the leve one, under the pendulum, i cannot move >.<
But, it´s a great game, and funny, I like the gameplay and the dynamics of the pj attack.
Ah, it´s a little heavy the game when you use too much spells, i got few fps.
lol for the music and sounds.

overall, i give you a 9, a great score

Ok, I guess...

I died in the first level... Weird style of gameplay...

Love It

shooting your spell extremly fast creates the illusion that the game is laging its actually from the arc you create going up not from the game laging

FPS down

Second map unplayable for me cos huge lags, ~10fps.

A+ Best I've played in a while

Great game but one complaint. The level three spells were kind disappointing. After i got access to the third slot i tried them all out but i found most of them not my cup of tea, with the exception of House of Lightning. Another thing about House of Lightning. That skill makes the entire game easy as hell. I would have rathered like a lightning bazooka that fired out giant lightnings just so i had to aim but the house of lightning just kills for me.
Tip: To level up your stones to 300, summon a bunch of earth and then kill them.
Favorite Combo: Flame(For travel) House of Lightning(For offense, but you can use chain lightning if you think House of Lightning makes the game too easy) and Shield (for defense)