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Reviews for "Hey Wizard 2"

cool game

I thought this was a cool game with a cool idea.. I wish I could jump from a regular button though..... but anyway... really nicely put together. great work


well i can see this is a very good game and its well made so for that u deserve high marks. i also think.. no wait i know this should be on the front page as its much better than 90% of the games there. so all in all i can tell and feel this is a nice game tho for me personally i dont quite know it just didnt seem to keep my attention for very long. maybe it was just the lack of terrain or the plain structures.

the enemy fire was white and the backround was bright yellow/white making it pretty hard to see as well as hurting my eyes maybe add in a few other colours and a little black and some textures to.. then maybe i could play this more then 10 minutes :(. but all in all i see a good game so good job


Even though one must fail to achieve awesomeness several times,before he does it :) Nice game, Deserves front page, I start thinking that front page should have some more slots nowadays..

Spelgrim responds:

"Awesome, even though one must fail to achieve awesomeness several times,before he does it."

That's a nice quote.


Some reviewers don't appreciate when people try something new. I didn't have any trouble moving around. Fire spell was like a jet pack. I didn't like i was sent back to the map every time i finished a quest. I would like to stay in the level and finish other quests.


I liked the first one. From what I remember, the spells pushed you around a lot less in that, and it was easier to control. Using spells for movement sounds like a great idea...until you realize that these are your offense spells, and each monster takes about eight hits. Except who can aim eight hits when you're being. shoved. away. Very frustrating.

If there was an option for the wizard to brace himself and thus NOT move, I would try it again. But I don't want to learn these unwieldy controls before I can even have fun playing the game.