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Reviews for "Hey Wizard 2"

Very good game

I'm quite surprised at the number of negative comments this game received.
The concept is extremely orginal, i love the graphics, the spell/upgrading system is superb, and I really have no comments on how to make it better.

I'm just sorry that skilless people reviewed it and voted based on their inability to play a video game.


the gameplay is just something superb. my only beefs: it hogs a good chunk of cpu, it needs a music mute button.

it's decent

It's way too repetitive...

The things you have to do in order to fully complete a level is ridiculous...
The tutorial was hard period....
Need to work on making the game easier..
Especially since you can't jump normally

Just wasn't up to par as I expected...(i played your other one...)

gets boring

Great at the start but gets very bring very quickly. Having to do the same things every level gets annoying and way to repetative but it still deserves an eight

Nice Game

If you put a Jump Button you'll Knock the point of this game
and it's already a nice game so don't ask for a Jump Button,
and I love what it says instead of Game Over!