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Reviews for "Hey Wizard 2"


i didnt know they made a 2,i loved hey wizard 1 alot! cool game!

Pure Awesomeness!

Whoever complained about the jump, is way too dumb. You can fly and mess all over the scenario, wth do u want to jump??

I really wasnt expecting the magic combinations, materialazing solid stuff in the scenario and so on.

The Magic parody was nice too ;)

Its fun, addictive and quite original. Way to go!

9 for no jump button

I understand the flying ability instead of a jump button. The only problem is it is too hard to aim and fly at the same time to avoid enemy attacks. Also the sound effects can get annoying. Other than that this is a great concept and execution.

NO jump button is kind of a bitch

Its a great game its a little laggy on my computer by i'm really enjoying it. No jumping is pretty frustrating the game is pretty hard without it and I feel like this would be more fun with one.


i love the origonal and i loved the sequal more! needs medals. only reason for 9 is the controls are a little jumpy