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Reviews for "Hey Wizard 2"

Overall good, some flaws

UFOboy pretty much covered everything I have to say about this. Especially agree with the point that not being able to complete all 4 quests in 1 go is frustrating. Only things I would add is that the controls are a bit awkward, would have been nice to have a jump button instead of having to use spells to move up. Also didn't particularly like how most spells push your character back. add a jump key or fly/float spell instead of using your attack spells to move will greatly improve enjoyment.


lol i almost pee in my pants when i saw the endboss xD a cute cat :D called MASTER OF PUPPETS ROFL! btw not thast good like the first game but also very awsome ;D
still 10 points from me

Tooo late...

So, i've been playing for... who knows how long, only reason i stopped was because i'm physically tired... and a bit mentally... i don't remember who i am right now...
Anyway, it's great, only problem is my computer isn't good enough for it, so it's filled with lag as well as it's awesome. There area few little annoyances, nothing really big.
1. Lag. It's not really a flaw with the game itself, but it effected my experience.
2. How you can't do all 4 parts of the level in one go, i hunted down all but one statue then stumbled upon the boss of the area. Not that big of a fault against you, it's a great game even with this slight annoyance.
3. I loved the hub world, it was awesome... i was saddened by no returning world.
1. The style, like the first, is awesome.
2. Humor of the game, is awesome.
3. Spell creation system, awesome.
4. The hat re-collection thingy... awesome.
5. Over all gameplay... wasn't awesome(original usage) but WAS awesome(modern usage).

It might be because i had way too much fun on the first one but this one seemed like... a bit less. Still awesome, and well made. Wow, i'm going to have dreams of the word awesome.

Spelgrim responds:

We think it's awesome that you and others liked the game!


looks like it would hve been good but my computer sux looks like a great concept and i like the art style 5 stars for that i couldnt give for gameplay though


cool animation funn game :D:D::D