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Reviews for "Jumpix 2"


God, I don't know what everyone's complaining about, I found no bugs! Amazing 3D platformer, Great game, if all games were like this, the world would be much better ;D
Definete 10/10, the creator of this game clearly put much effort into making this, thus It deserves a 10/10-
-Really Addicting too!

now this is the type of game i like

i remmember playing a game like this on sony,its very good tnx for this


I Can'r play this as the loader does not work. It loads. then if goes to a black screen, and stays. Try and fix this?


when you die the 3 buttons just keep flashing wildly and wont work!

elmortem responds:


Not worthy of front page

Buggy. and stupid.
if you try to go on stairs, then you fall through and you die. (level 3, cliff).
Plus, when you run out of lives, then the game bugs and the buttons dont work so you have to refresh the page.
Its almost impossible to not fall off the edge.

elmortem responds:

Try jump to get on stairs.