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Reviews for "Jumpix 2"

great game

but these controls arot well suited to a keyboard -- especially on the levels where you have to move diagonally. Just so difficult its it stops being fun.

But awesome look and feel! If it wern't fot the diagonal control issue id give you a ten/5.

fun but lacks fluidity

I think that if there is a reason why people would find it hard is because it lacks a bit of fluidity, there is something that just doesn't feel right with the gfameplay. It's too robotic, the movements are to broken down. to get from the beginning to the end, you'ld have to break down th path into sevral little movements. Here is what happened in my mind : ok let's go left for 0.8 seconds - pause - up for 1.17 seconds - pause - down 0.32 s - pause - diaglnoly forOMG I'M FALLING.

hope this helps

well done

i agree with snopey1 that this game is a bit boring (not a really big problem, its just
'slightly' boring) and also with baman2009 about the fluidity, BUT sometimes is better this way because if you have played games such as switchball, mercury meltdown, marble madness(mentioned by baman) you know how annoying it is when the ball doesnt stops when you want to and usually falls from the platform

other thing some people didnt noticed here is that the game also use some perspective, wich makes me resemble echochrome, but its very different, and maybe thats the reason of the lack of fluidity.

this was a great game.

overall the game was fun. the graphics were subtle but i thought they were pretty cool. the one thing that affected this score was that none of the buttons worked when you died.

Very good and original

I love the idea of 3D, but as an ex-animator, (never submitted stuff here) I understand how difficult it is to make something like that. But it's very simple even with the idea of 3d, you should take a huge step forward.