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Reviews for "Jumpix 2"

Puzzle Platformer

The first early puzzles were easy, then it starts to get hard, but creative. I like it. But if your going to make a second one, add some appearance to the game. Like unlock new spheres to use, or change the backround. Not just a picture in the backround, but add a animated backround. Just add more special effects, and it'll be good. Make sure you add power ups or something if your going to make the next game.


while sometimes i was extremely frustrated with the game, I really enjoyed it. I found myself screaming at the screen when I couldnt time my jumps to dodge the switching red and white blocks.
and I loved how i was beating up about not being able to time something and then i realised that i could just jump all the way over the obstacle i was having trouble with.

There were a few glitches. for example i would often fall through the diagonals. If you make another, which I personally would enjoy greatly, I hope you put in a kind of camera that you can use to view the level so that you can make a plan to attack it.


It needs some sort of background to cast a shadow on so you have a better idea of where the ball is while in the air. There was a more playable game made in 1989 called Marble Madness


one of the biggest problems for me is trying to move diagonally and jump at the same time. I believe there's something that has to do with not letting 3 keyboard keys be pressed at the same time. Whatever it is, I would often not jump while holding the up and left keys, or the down and right keys, or combinations there-of. This would cause me to die, platforms would start falling, and I would not be able to complete the level. With as much thought as you need to put into how you solve these puzzles, it would be nice not having to worry about moving diagonally and jumping at the same time. Other than that I didn't have any problems with it. It is a nice casual game.

Is all right.

Cute 3d platformer. could use better camera control though.