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Reviews for "Jumpix 2"


When more than 2 keys are pressed (such as forward and right/left) the jump button often does not work. Pretty buggy.

A minor bug here and there.

I found a few little problems, the main one that always got me was that I jumped onto a square yet i somehow missed. Not sure how. Happens alot too, so I'm afraid I got very fed up and closed the game. Up to that point it was interesting, reminded me of a game I played back on the PS one called Kula World.


really good game. only down fall is there is no real visual marker as to what square if any your over while your mid jump. other then that good work!

elmortem responds:

Platforms under player - illuminated.


on of the most GREATEST games i,ve ever played

Great Game

Good puzzle game. No real bugs for me. I really liked the later levels that had a lot of height. Gravity was also fun.