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Reviews for "Jumpix 2"


How do you start game?

elmortem responds:

Click "Score Mode" or "Time Mode".


The lack of shaddow under the ball is the only problem with this game it wuld help alot if ther wuld be a shadow witch you can use as a aim.


nice game. but the only question i have is how do i play my own maps i created?

elmortem responds:

Click "Custom Maps" in Mainmenu and find your map. Click "Play". (:

Great concept, flawed implementation

While I love the concept and challenge of the game, you forgot to take into consideration that unless a very expensive gaming keyboard is used - it is impossible to press and hold more than 2 keyboard keys at the same time, thus making all diagonal jumps a pain to complete... especially if you have just enough time to get on and off the blinking lava square. I suggest mapping diagonal movement keys or removing the need for diagonal movement altogether.

elmortem responds:


Very good and original

I love the idea of 3D, but as an ex-animator, (never submitted stuff here) I understand how difficult it is to make something like that. But it's very simple even with the idea of 3d, you should take a huge step forward.