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Reviews for "Jumpix 2"

It was ok

Would have been a heaps better game if it wasn't so jumpy, hard to play if you can't see it in real time.

Well done.

The music was nice background and wasn't distracting.
The gameplay was simple to grasp, but the challeneg was good.
I really have no complaints about this.
The graphics were simplistic, but they worked.
I really appreciated the tiles glowing when you're above them during a jump, it really helps you understanding where you are in relation to the rest of the area.

keep up the good work. :D

I like it.

Takes some skill, but is very simple to play. You skip past the "Begginner levels pretty fast and on to the action, 10 stars...

not bad

it was a little too slow paced. sorta felt like a prolonged mini game. if u added momentum to the rolling of the ball, more solid controls and a better camera system it would b much better. still. not bad.

Love it

Very nice game! One thing i think you can add it's a shadow. This can help in jumping!