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Reviews for "Jumpix 2"


There's nothing in the custom maps section, just "check new version"

elmortem responds:

Moderators long check the new version, sorry for the inconvenience. ):

good game

it was pretty good but a little too easy could have contiunes instead of jus repeating the stage until you beat it

great game

but these controls arot well suited to a keyboard -- especially on the levels where you have to move diagonally. Just so difficult its it stops being fun.

But awesome look and feel! If it wern't fot the diagonal control issue id give you a ten/5.

very well made, lots of fun!

what is the name of the music!!!?


a nice idea and good sounds but cant say the same to music a great creation well done but needs backgrounds not just a black void and thanks for the viev changer its realy good