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Reviews for "Jumpix 2"

this was a great game.

overall the game was fun. the graphics were subtle but i thought they were pretty cool. the one thing that affected this score was that none of the buttons worked when you died.

Not bad, could be made better

It is entertaining to play, and enjoyable for a while. On the flip side it is very difficult to understand where the platforms are in space, especially on the pink block jumps. Another problem i encountered was when i lost all my three lives, due to the reason stated above, the screen that comes up would bug, flash repeatedly and i couldn't click anything.

nice game

Good little challenge. Straightforward gameplay. A good challenge to try and get your head around exactly where each block is located.
Probably a once-only play though....

nice game

this game is so nice, at some point difficult but not annoying difficult..
the game is so amusing you keep trying...
and btw, can u give me the song please?

I don't understand many of these complaints...

The graphics were great - simplistic, but still fantastic. It may be the simple fact that it's 3D, but the simplicity of it all works well for it.

The gameplay was also simplistic but great (a sense a minimalistic approach to game design going on here...), though one gripe I had was the camera. It took way to long to return to it's set point behind the player after things like teleporting, and I was left to just wait for it to return to it before carrying on, which kind of breaks the immersion you have. Perhaps add camera movement into the next game (nothing too complex, perhaps 90 degree turns with a button).

I can't comment on the sound (my speakers) are broken.

8/10, 4/5