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Reviews for "Jumpix 2"

Nothing new, nothing special..

Yeah, like the title says, its nothing I haven't seen or played before. Also hated the camera angle; it makes the game almost unplayable, and incredibly annoying, as you can't properly judge distances.

However, that being said, I liked the game. It had good mechanics, adequate 3D graphics, and a usable control system.

Hope to see a new and improved Jumpix 3 though!


i actually thought it was really fun.good job! :) make a 3

I like^^

Occasionally the ball goes through the graphics, but it is a good quality game. what library did use use if any, e.g papervision?? thanks :D

elmortem responds:

I use Alternativa3D library.

Nice game.

But i hate plat formers like this.
Always pisses me off.

Any ways, a thing to consider is the camera. Some times when I jump, the camera wouldn't show the right way, and makes it alot more confusing.

Another is, sometimes, the plat form is just a color, but when you jump on to them, you'll fall. So that's another thing to be fixed.


its ok nice effort tho i feel the jumping is a little of and could have a better response time.. other than that it was ok