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Reviews for "Jumpix 2"


Amazing 3D puzzle game. Don't listen to the whiny losers complaining/sperging - sure it has a few bugs, but you'll iron them out for the next installment, right?


I was enjoying it until I got to a point where it got glitchy. There would be time where there's almost like a control delay. I'd want it to go left and it would go. and then it just randomly jolts left, further than I even made it go. sad, cos I was really enjoying this, but that really put me off.

Way to buggy

And it would but much better if you made it 2d, the camera really took away my enjoyment.


It was a decent game.
Honestly not a big fan of the art style at all.
Kinda took away from my overall enjoyment.

All in all, pretty good.

Hmm interesting, but.

I found a few bugs, One bug where i first experienced on "The Cliff" is i would go up through a panel and then back down through another. the other i have is that you cannot diagonally jump effectively. Holding the up and left arrow makes it impossible to push the jump key.