Reviews for "Arty In Space"


My kind review and constructive criticism is..... DONT MAKE ANY MORE FUCKING FLASH VIDEOS


I think it is incredible that you managed to get #1 od the fay yet end it with a 1.15 score wTF. It would be hilarious if you also got terd of the week. But anyway, I laughed mt ass off at this. It made no sense and the quality was awful, but I thats what made it so funny. I actually thought you used my song, but you didnt lololol.

This is going in my favs, its brilliantly submitted.


At first i was happy, i saw my music was used in a flash for the first time.


I saw the flash and i puked.

Said Enough.

That was pretty dull

But unlike some of your other movies this one had some effort.
Still It's bad animation and childish sense of humor made it unenjoyable.
You needed to put more effort into this.

This is the worst piece of shit i have ever seen

btw i also agree with shyptari