Reviews for "Arty In Space"

If only the flash suffered from "trash-throw-away"

I give you credit for the work applied to this flash, but you need a bit more experience with flash. The mouth movements didn't come of as funny but lame.

The Arthur parodying could have been done better too. Maybe if you made jokes about Arthur in more realistic settings. (I don't remember Arthur ever being able to do the surreal like go through a blackhole...watching Arthur get whooped in gym class would have been enough...)


People are so jealous. Don't let the man bring you down, man.

Great job

Wow I actually didn't think it would come through to first place. Great job

Funny Shit!

That was some realy funny shyt! The mouth animation is realy badly done but props for doing it. It shows that you dont have to be a good animator to create an animation. You may have been going for the pre-school drawing effect and it works coz the overall theme was put together realy well.

So well done and i hope this inspires people to create animation even if it may suck!


Well, this sure was fantastic. I can't decide if the art or the voice acting was better. They pretty much both fused into this incredible, mind-blowing flash. Also, the script was epic. This shit's better than Citizen Kane man. Keep them coming and eventually release a DVD. I'll pay considerable amounts for it.