Reviews for "Arty In Space"


Wow. so....unique. I'll be completely honest with you, I watched this only because you had "subpar symphony" credited under SFX.
So here goes the review:
Animation: 0 (wtf is up with rendering, did you export this as an flv, then import it back into flash?)
Interactivity: 0 (since it was a "movie")
Storyline: 0 (it made me sad)
Humor: 0 (it made me even more sad)
Violence: 0 (the immense farting is the only thing attributed to violence, and not even that quialified)
Awesomeness: 0 (anti-awesomeness: 10)

I highly suggest you stick to audio. Unless this was just a prank. If so: it wasn't that funny.
So before you "thanks for the kind review and constructive criticism!!! (((((((((-:Q" me, seriously; wtf.


possible the best flash i've ever seen. simply inspirational.


Uh what the why did you even bother to make this i can't belive this got daily feature its is the worst peice of shit i have ever seen.

Not good

April 25, 2009 must have been a terrible day. If this piece of shit was the best movie...


i agree with avenger510.. could not stand waching it too the very end.. i just wanted it too stop.
and unless you improve your skills and originality .. you shouldn't even bother too uppload the sequel show it too your mom and be happy with that responce.