Reviews for "Arty In Space"


best ever. thats all i gotta say


First of all, the graphics were terrible. I know you can do a better job.
Second, when the characters speak, the mouth doesn't move. A black circle moves around the mouth. I know you can make the actual mouth move.
Third, the quality was poor on some areas.
I know you can do a better job. I'm extremely sorry.

... what the fuck?

I seriously hope this is just your first attempt at Flash and not your best quality work. 'cause that would be really sad. It seems as if someone smashed the back of your skull in with a large blunt object and that gave you the idea to create this horrible contraption. (That didn't come off as offensive did it? XD) I'm pretty sure my brain melted a little while watching this. Seriously... put some effort into your stuff before uploading it. You could probably do quite a bit better if you actually spent some time learning about Flash and put the extra effort into further developing your understanding and technique. Also, don't tag songs that aren't in your Flash just to get people to look at your stuff. That adds an extra point of pathetic and two points of desperate to your arsenal...


okay I suppose

atleast is better than authurs the t.v series


wow.... this is..... this is lame as hell.
you can tell this was made by a kid.
the type of "humor" and response to the coments proves that.
dude, keep practicing.
you need alot of work.