Reviews for "Arty In Space"

Today's best?

Not saying this sucks, but it's kinda sad how this got on newground's daily 'best'. I mean, 2.33? That's below 50%. Shouldn't even count. Guess that means newgrounds has declined in quality. Or some messed up.
Not my kind of funny, but I'm sure there are some who like it.
Hope you were able to hear that over how broken your hand is. :P

Please could you kindly...

Not bother submitting this type of shit and getting people to vote it high because it wastes people's time and you spend hours on something very few people will appreciate or have the patience for. I might've given it a 1 for say, having a working loading bar but I was so put off by the crappiness of this thing I had to 0 it. A couple of days back, a piece without any animation whatsoever won the first place and it was awesome. It's not just the quality of animation that sucked here, it was the lack of anything coherent whatsoever.


not only were you typing with a broken hand but the audio and voices sucked....

10 anyway for tryig

good luck it will get better

i liked it.

i think you should continue you with your sequel.