Reviews for "Arty In Space"


no offense dude.......but it disgust me to see this piece of fuck got daily feature.....I admitted your luck is good but you flash is fucked man.....this flash shall be my favorite just to remind me that how fuck up the 04/25/2009 was.....

Animation - Fuck
Voice - Annoying
Innovation - Are you kidding me?
Creativity - A fucktards and a bunny in space? I don't think so

And lastly...please reply...why do you even bother this crap??
(A crippled dog was masturbating to this piece of fuck....guess it have some value for retard)


You my friend, are a true hero.
You make Walt Disney look bad.
I'll leave it nice and short.
You are a BEAST.
There, I'm done, continue on with your life

Oh wow.

I came. :3

What the...

how is it... i don't...GAH!!! WTF!!! How did you got daily winner?! You submited right at the right time to have a score of 5 or something?

Tell me you secret, no way can a flash under 2 can be daily winner...


Very epic indeed.