Reviews for "Arty In Space"


How in the blazing hell did this get daily feature? This was a dark day in the History of Newgrounds.

Everything sucked about this flash.
The audio.
The "Animations"
The concept
The very idea

Your going to have to try harder

This is sad

it's sad to see that this flash got a incrediblely bad score, but yet is first place for the day, which was on 4/26. I can't possibly see what were the other place flashes are. This must have been a sad day for Newgrounds on 4/26. A sad day it must have been. Well, I hope that this won't happen again.

Daily Feature??

Hmm, nothing else must have been submitted that day. This really isn't what flash is meant for, please do not make a sequel.


Poor animation and concept. The cut and paste of the tootsie roll was the most clear part of the animation. The whole thing (yes thing can't call this a movie) seemed out of focus.

Alright,I'm confused as anyone could get.

This flash earned a Daily Feature? I don't see how he got it. Maybe a turd of the week could be more suitable for this flash. Maybe, this flash is something different that nobody had never accomplished. I'm talking about the material of this work is far from different. This review will be rated as 10/10 for wining Daily Feature. However, you will receive the vote of 0, since this really feels like a turd flash. All turd flash has to be voted 0. Good Luck on the sequel! At least you made something new and different.